Serving kids through K-12 tutoring, storytimes, & parent education.

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Serving kids through K-12 tutoring, storytimes, and parent education.

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About Becca’s Book Box

We are a tailored educational service, focusing on the child first, their academic needs, boosting their confidence, and supporting families. Our goal is to relieve the academic stress and provide the best support we can in an optimistic, upbeat way.

Becca’s Book Box was founded to help kids succeed.

Hi, I’m Becca! My original intention was to help a few students with their schoolwork while I attended graduate school. I quickly realized I loved working 1:1 with kids and there was a greater need for academic support.

Over time, Becca’s Book Box has morphed into a child-centered tutoring service tailored to your child’s needs, an online resource to support parents at home and through storytimes, and a go-to for parent education.


“I cannot recommend Becca highly enough! She is equal parts amazing human and amazing educator. I’m not sure who is more excited when Becca comes to work with my children – me or my kids! Becca has a way of teaching that my kids enjoy. They think they are just having fun!”

“We have worked with several of the tutors from Becca’s Book Box and cannot say enough about how they go above and beyond when working with your children. They make learning fun and engaging and you will see the improvements in your child’s schoolwork and attitude about learning.”

“We did not tell my son that he was meeting with a tutor for his first session with Miss Lauren from Becca’s Book Box. We wanted him to feel that this extra learning time was not homework but special.  Miss Lauren has built my son’s confidence and made their time together productive and meaningful. Miss Lauren brings concepts to life for my son in a fun and engaging way.”

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We serve children and young adults through face-to-face and virtual tutoring. Let us help you through genuine connection and tailored support.



Storytime is a way to engage young readers and I love to do this through live storytimes and our Storytime Membership.

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Parent Education

My beliefs about children are rooted in educating the whole child. Through parent education, I can guide you as you grow a lifelong learner and reader.

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One of the biggest factors impacting whether your child enjoys reading or not is the books you put in front of them. Let me guide you in picking books just right for your child. Selecting the Right Books for Your Child will help with children of any age, at home or in the classroom, anytime.