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As a parent, you want the best for your child. We can all agree we want our children to excel. How do we do that? What things can be done to ensure they have the best opportunity? Insert my resources. I am giving you the knowledge and tools in a practical, attainable way to help your child succeed. Check them out!

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Your Child Wants to Learn to Read: Now What?

Every child gets curious enough at some point that they want to stop listening to someone read and do it themselves. Here are the first steps to take!

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You have arrived at the best of the best resources to guide you through your literacy journey with your child.
The Sandbox Playful Kids Summer Reading Program by Becca's Book Box

Summer reading Program

The Sandbox

Seven weeks of playfully-designed book activities for readers 0-10!


20 Minutes of Reading Made Easy


The Keys to Preparing for Kindergarten



Printable Gardening Playmats



Printable Valentine’s Day Playmats


Printable Holiday Playmats

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“My husband and I attended the kindergarten readiness webinar with Becca, and it was so great. I loved that it was in webinar format, so it was easy for my husband and I to share the mental load of this milestone and be able to talk about it afterwards. Becca presented so much great information that considered the whole child, and honestly made us way less stressed about this big change. The first thing my husband said when we woke up this morning was ‘I’m so glad we did that last night. It made me feel so good about the decisions we’ve made.'”

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Selecting the Right Books for Your Child

Free Guide

My Child Wants to Learn to Read: Now What?


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Book of the Month Activity Pairing


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Selecting Toys to Encourage Play

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Kindergarten Ready Through Play

Encourage literacy, math and life skills through play!


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