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I didn’t realize that when parents finally reach out to me they are often at a breaking point. They are at a complete loss of what to do and how to help their own child. This is where we swoop in and take this stress on for you. We have the experience and expertise to help you AND your child. Let us be a part of your academic journey.

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Academic Support

Academic support is rarely just needing help in one subject area. When we support children academically, it is part of educating and growing a whole child. We begin with a brief call to hear about your struggles and what would be most helpful. From there, we match you with a tutor to support you and your child. This tutor will build rapport, meet your child exactly where they are academically, tailor the tutoring to your child’s needs, build their confidence, and then teach the academics. We take pride in our approach and we would be honored to be a part of your child’s journey.

How it Works


Step one

Fill out the contact form found on our website or email me at beccasbookbox@gmail.com and tell us what you need help with.

step two

I will reach out to you directly to set up a phone call. We will take the time to discuss your child, you, and exactly what you feel like you need. I will also give you the options of how tutoring can work for you.


step three

I will connect you with a tutor that is the right fit. (If it doesn’t feel just right, we are happy to rematch you) We will come to your house or a designated location and get tutoring right away!

Ready to get rid of that feeling in the pit of your stomach?

contact us to get started.

Why wait? We are here to support struggling students, students who need a confidence boost, excelling students who want enrichment, and everything in between. Don’t wait until it feels too late. Reach out and we can make a plan that is tailored to you.

“We have worked with several of the tutors from Becca’s Book Box and cannot say enough about how they go above and beyond when working with your children. They make learning fun and engaging and you will see the improvements in your child’s schoolwork and attitude about learning.”

“We did not tell my son that he was meeting with a tutor for his first session with Miss Lauren from Becca’s Book Box. We wanted him to feel that this extra learning time was not homework but special.  Miss Lauren has built my son’s confidence and made their time together productive and meaningful. Miss Lauren brings concepts to life for my son in a fun and engaging way.”

“I cannot recommend Becca highly enough! She is equal parts amazing human and amazing educator. I’m not sure who is more excited when Becca comes to work with my children – me or my kids! Becca has a way of teaching that my kids enjoy. They think they are just having fun!”

How is Becca’s Book Box different than other tutoring companies?

We pride ourselves on being the best teachers who love kids and know their content. We tailor every single session to your child’s academic needs while simultaneously boosting their confidence. We promise you will not be disappointed.

“Your child’s education and well-being MATTERS to us. We are invested in your child and their progress.”

There are loads of tutoring options to choose from in any city. We are confident that your experience will feel like it is made just for you, because it is. You will only wish you called us sooner.

Relationship Matters

A child cannot learn from someone who does not deeply care about them. We prioritize developing a solid relational foundation with each student.

Academic Knowledge

We have the expertise and the experience to teach your child in a way that they learn best. We adapt our lessons so your child feels confident and actually learns the material.


We make connections with the parents, with the student, and with the child’s academic team at school. It’s our job to connect it all together in the best interest of the child.

Progress Updates

We will work with you and your child’s teacher, if necessary, to make sure everyone is on the same page to make the most progress.

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Live Storytimes

Becca offers live storytimes on location when requested. If you have a time and location you would like a storytime to take place, reach out!


Classes & Events

Join us for play-based classes and events designed to help your child build lifelong skills while having fun outside and making friends.
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