I’m Becca — a literacy expert helping you through tutoring, storytimes, and education.

Do you ever have those moments that are like glimmers? Like little nudges from the universe? I remember teaching 2nd grade and watching my students’ eyes light up as they made a connection or all of a sudden understood a concept after reading a picture book. These moments made me realize how much I loved to teach and inspire young learners.

This love of teaching has driven me over the last 6 years to create and grow a team of talented tutors to serve children and their families.

Our passion is kids, our method is child-centered, and our energy and enthusiasm are infectious.


I’ve always been passionate about teaching…

I have a Communication Arts degree from Allegheny College, a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Xavier University, and a Phd in Educational Studies with a focus in Literacy from the University of Cincinnati. I started my career in the 2nd grade classroom and went on to teach at the university level.

In 2016, I founded Becca’s Book Box & Tutoring Services where we serve children through tutoring, storytimes, and I connect with you through parent education. Since its birth, it has morphed and evolved into more than I could have ever imagined.

When I am not doing all things Becca’s Book Box, I am spending time with my husband, son, and daughter. You can find us at a park, a playground, a bookstore, or running around and having fun somewhere.

Core Beliefs:

Learning happens best through play, exposure over pressure, get outside, prioritize family time, kindness matters, and always read a good book.

Daily Rituals:

Every day I need coffee, breakfast with my family, a walk outside, and a cuddle from my two kids. Oh, did I mention reading a good picture book?

Books for Ever Shelf:

The Rabbit Listened, Maybe, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, Hold on to Your Kids, and Rest Play Grow.

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What they’re saying…

“I cannot recommend Becca highly enough! She is equal parts amazing human and amazing educator. I’m not sure who is more excited when Becca comes to work with my children – me or my kids! Becca has a way of teaching that my kids enjoy. They think they are just having fun!”

Some facts about me…

Years of Experience

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Book Written

My life’s passion is giving the magical gift of reading one child and family at a time.

I’m so grateful you’re allowing me to be a part of your journey.

This is where my passion and my life’s work helps to solve your problems and ease your frustrations. Let me be a part of your reading and learning journey. Trust that you will be able to stress less and enjoy more. Your only regret will be not starting earlier.

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We serve children and young adults through face-to-face and virtual tutoring. Let us help you through genuine connection and tailored support.



Storytime is a way to engage young readers and I love to do this through live storytimes and our Storytime Membership.

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Parent Education

My beliefs about children are rooted in educating the whole child. Through parent education, I can guide you as you grow a lifelong learner and reader.

Want to be in the know on all the latest?

I promise I don’t have the time to spam you with a ton of emails. I only send them when I really have something to share, an event you won’t want to miss, or a hot topic I have written about. Want me to occasionally slide into your inbox with the good stuff?